Published on October 26, 2023, 8:38 am

TLDR: Dataiku has introduced LLM Mesh, a technology that aims to address challenges in adopting generative AI. It offers features like centralized administration, permission controls, safety mechanisms, and cost monitoring. Launch partners for LLM Mesh include Snowflake, Pinecone, and AI21 Labs.

In episode 115 of the Acceleration Economy Minute, I discuss Dataiku’s LLM Mesh and its role in bridging Large Language Models (LLM) with user applications. Dataiku is recognized as one of the top AI/Hyperautomation enablers in our list.

Dataiku recently unveiled LLM Mesh during their Everyday AI conference held in New York. This technology aims to address the common challenges faced in adopting generative AI. It focuses on centralizing administration, implementing permission controls for data and data models, addressing inappropriate content, and introducing mechanisms for cost monitoring.

The key features of LLM Mesh include AI routing service access and auditing for AI services, safety mechanisms for private data screening, response moderation, performance tracking, and cost control. By leveraging these capabilities, developers can deliver high-quality results within a controlled environment.

In addition to the unveiling of LLM Mesh, Dataiku also announced their launch partners who play pivotal roles in the LLM mesh ecosystem. These partners include Snowflake, Pinecone, and AI21 Labs.

To learn more about Dataiku’s LLM Mesh and how it facilitates the adoption of generative AI, you can read the full article on Acceleration Economy’s website.

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