Published on October 18, 2023, 11:14 am

Blackberry Unveils Generative Ai Powered Assistant For Enhanced Cybersecurity

TLDR: BlackBerry has developed a cutting-edge generative AI platform that serves as an enterprise-grade security assistant, aimed at enhancing the efficiency and performance of CISO teams. The platform utilizes predictive cybersecurity measures and is trained on private large language models (LLM), ensuring data privacy. The AI-powered assistant can predict user requirements, improving workflow and reducing threat research time. Initially available to limited CylanceAI customers, this solution represents BlackBerry's commitment to delivering innovative cybersecurity solutions for enterprises.

BlackBerry has recently revealed a cutting-edge enterprise-grade security assistant platform that harnesses the power of generative AI tools. This innovative platform aims to enhance the efficiency and performance of CISO teams by offering an additional assistant to security operations center (SOC) analysts.

By utilizing this generative AI powered assistant, SOC teams will be able to stay ahead of emerging threats with the help of predictive cybersecurity measures. This advanced AI is trained on private large language models (LLM), providing it with a remarkable level of precision and data privacy.

According to Nathan Jenniges, Senior Vice President and General Manager Spark, Cybersecurity Business Unit at BlackBerry, “BlackBerry pioneered the AI cybersecurity market, and our commitment to innovation means we are once again at the forefront of the industry as we unveil our Generative AI powered cybersecurity assistant.” He further emphasized that this solution will modernize SOC operations and assist CISOs in overcoming challenges such as an evolving threat landscape and resource constraints.

The generative AI solution goes beyond being just a robot. It has the capability to predict user requirements, significantly improving workflow and reducing the time required for threat research. Initially, this cybersecurity AI will be available exclusively to a limited group of CylanceAI customers.

Charles Eagan, Chief Technology Officer at BlackBerry highlighted their focus on generative AI, stating that it has the potential for considerable economic value. He noted that BlackBerry’s patent portfolio already includes Generative AI. He added that their aim is not to react to hype but rather deliver enterprise-grade solutions that provide substantial value.

In addition to their groundbreaking generative AI powered assistant platform, BlackBerry continues its commitment to delivering innovative solutions in the cybersecurity domain that cater specifically to enterprise needs.

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In conclusion, BlackBerry’s unveiling of their Generative AI powered assistant platform represents another leap forward in the field of AI cybersecurity. This sophisticated solution empowers SOC teams to proactively address emerging threats and optimize their operations, ultimately bolstering cybersecurity measures for organizations across various industries.


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