Published on November 9, 2023, 6:53 am

AvePoint, a leading provider of SaaS and data management platform, has announced plans to hire and train over 500 digital professionals in Singapore by 2026. This move comes as the company opens its new SG$100-million international R&D Hub in the country.

With this expansion, AvePoint aims to almost triple the size of its existing team of product and technology professionals in Singapore. The newly hired digital professionals will fill roles such as business analysts, data scientists, software architects, and Microsoft-certified engineers. The company is committed to providing robust professional development opportunities for its employees and plans to empower local leadership through collaborative recruitment with local education institutions.

The decision to expand its workforce in Singapore is due to the city-state’s vibrant R&D community. AvePoint intends to continue innovating its products to address modern digital challenges including hybrid work collaboration, security, responsible use of artificial intelligence (AI), blended learning, and well-being.

This new R&D Hub will not only serve as a major facility within AvePoint’s global network but also advance its IT and digital infrastructure. The investment is supported by EDBI, the investment arm of Singapore’s Economic Development Board, and Digital Industry Singapore (DISG). It will further enhance global trade connectivity and support AvePoint’s international expansion plans.

Dr. Tianyi Jiang (TJ), co-founder and CEO of AvePoint, said that establishing their international R&D Hub and Asia headquarters in Singapore reflects their historical success with valued partners like Microsoft. He also mentioned that it is a critical step towards advancing their key growth vector for international expansion.

Over the past decade, AvePoint has already delivered multiple innovative solutions in Singapore. One notable example is the SaaS Shared Training Management System developed for six institutes of higher learning. With the new R&D Hub, AvePoint aims to continue innovating in the edtech domain to empower future generations and ensure access to quality education for our digital future.

The senior vice president of DISG, Chan Ih Ming, expressed his confidence in AvePoint’s R&D and product capabilities. He believes that they will contribute to meeting global demand for B2B SaaS solutions from Singapore. He also emphasized the strong tech ecosystem in Singapore for talent, business, and innovation.

Besides facilitating the development of new products and solutions for Singapore and the global market, AvePoint’s new location will strengthen global cloud resilience for customers. It will support data sovereignty, enhance multi-cloud security, and ensure regional businesses receive local-level support. As more organizations in the Asia-Pacific region digitize and require SaaS solutions, AvePoint recognizes the critical need to expand its presence in the region and address growing customer demand.

In conclusion, AvePoint’s plans to hire and train over 500 digital professionals in Singapore reflect their commitment to growth and innovation. As a leading provider of SaaS and data management platform, AvePoint is determined to address modern digital challenges through its R&D efforts in collaboration with local partners and institutions. With this expansion, the company aims to solidify its position as a key player in the B2B SaaS industry while contributing to Singapore’s thriving tech ecosystem.


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