Published on January 30, 2024, 11:19 am

Art Selfie 2: Transform Your Face Into Iconic Artwork With Google’S Generative Ai

Google Arts & Culture has launched a new feature called Art Selfie 2, utilizing generative AI to transform your face into an iconic artwork. This updated version is even more addictive than its predecessor, as it allows you to see yourself as a painting or photograph.

Art Selfie 2 originated from a prototype created during Google’s Artists in Residence program. With this feature, you can take a selfie alone or with friends and choose from a variety of artistic styles to apply. Then, using generative AI technology, the feature blends your selfie into the selected scenario, creating a unique and stylized image within seconds.

The options for transformation are vast and diverse. You can choose to see yourself as a hippie at Woodstock, find your resemblance in a Frida Kahlo painting, or become a muse in Monet’s garden. Currently, there are over 25 different styles available, and if you’re not satisfied with the results, you have the option to regenerate each image. Google promises that there will be many more styles added in the future.

What sets Art Selfie 2 apart is its educational aspect. While waiting for your AI-generated selfie to load, you can read short snippets of text that provide interesting insights related to your chosen style. For example, you can learn more about the historical background of Woodstock or delve into the life and art of Frida Kahlo.

To try out Art Selfie 2, simply download the Google Arts & Culture app on either Android or iOS devices. Once installed, navigate to the “Play” tab where you’ll find this entertaining feature. Google encourages users to share their transformed selfies on social media by tagging them with #ArtSelfie2.

Art Selfie 2 is undoubtedly fun and engaging for users of all ages while providing an opportunity for learning and exploration through art history. Take part in this creative adventure and discover how generative AI technology can transform your appearance into a work of art. Share the experience with your friends and immerse yourself in the beauty of artistic expression.

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