Published on May 10, 2024, 8:23 pm

Apple’S Siri Set For A Game-Changing Update At Wwdc In June

Apple is set to introduce a significant update to Siri at WWDC in June, according to a recent report by The New York Times. The upcoming version of Siri will be enhanced by generative AI technology, enabling it to engage in more natural conversations and comprehend a wider range of requests. This shift aims to improve Siri’s performance in tasks such as setting timers, creating reminders, and more.

Despite the anticipation for a major overhaul of Siri over the years, Apple has prioritized integrating generative AI into its virtual assistant. The move has been described as giving Siri “a brain transplant” within Apple, signifying its importance within the company’s development strategy.

By leveraging generative AI technology, the new iteration of Siri is poised to offer improved conversational abilities, better contextual understanding, and more accurate responses compared to its current form. Unlike the existing version that primarily functions as a question-and-answer system with limited capabilities for interaction, the updated Siri will have additional features such as summarizing incoming messages and notifications.

Apple emphasizes its commitment to user privacy by processing most requests directly on-device rather than through cloud servers—a claim that distinguishes it from competitors. However, questions remain regarding the operational limits of the on-device system and whether all Apple devices will support the enhanced Siri equally.

To facilitate these advancements, Apple plans to enhance the RAM capacity in its upcoming iPhone 16 models. Additionally, discussions are underway with Google to potentially utilize its Gemini backend for certain functionalities. These strategic moves align with Apple’s hybrid approach towards AI development and augmenting its server capabilities using proprietary Apple Silicon chips.

The reimagined Siri is expected to be a flagship feature of iOS 18, offering a host of AI-powered enhancements throughout the operating system. The unveiling of iOS 18 alongside updates for other platforms is anticipated at Apple’s WWDC event in June. Apart from AI advancements, speculations suggest that iOS 18 might introduce changes to the home screen layout, design refinements, and enhanced functionalities across core applications.


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