Published on November 16, 2023, 6:50 pm

“Apple Watch Update Brings Back Easy Watch Face Switching”

Apple Watch owners used to have an easy way to switch between active watch faces by simply swiping left or right on the device’s face. However, Apple removed this option in watchOS 10, making it a bit more cumbersome to switch faces. To change the active watch face, users had to long press on the Watch’s display and then swipe.

This change was likely made to prevent accidental changes to the active watch face, which used to happen quite frequently. While this reasoning is understandable, it would have been nice if Apple provided an option for users to choose whether they wanted this feature or not.

Fortunately, in the latest watchOS beta version 10.2 beta 3, Apple has given us exactly what we were hoping for. Now, Apple Watch users can once again swipe left or right to change the active face on their devices.

Enabling this feature isn’t as straightforward as one might expect. Users need to update their Apple Watch to the latest beta version, and interestingly, they cannot switch on this option from their iPhones. Instead, they must open Settings directly on the Watch itself, scroll down to Clock, and toggle on “Swipe to Switch Watch Face.”

If you’ve never used this feature before, it may take a little practice to get it right. It’s easy to accidentally activate a complication on the Watch face instead of smoothly switching faces. One tip I’ve found helpful is gently pressing the very edge of your Watch’s display and then scrolling left or right all the way to the other edge.

For those who are not interested in installing the watchOS 10.2 beta or prefer not taking any risks with pre-release software versions, don’t worry; you won’t have to wait too long. The official public version is expected to become available in December.

So there you have it! Apple has listened to feedback from its users and reintroduced a much-requested feature for Apple Watch owners. Now, with the upcoming watchOS update, switching watch faces will be easier and more intuitive than ever before.


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