Published on February 16, 2024, 5:26 am

Apple Developing Ai Code Generation Tool For Xcode: Accelerating App Creation With Natural Language Prompts

Apple is reportedly working on the development of an AI code generation tool as part of a major update to its programming software, Xcode. The new tool, similar to GitHub’s Copilot, will enable users to generate code based on natural language prompts and convert code across multiple programming languages.

GitHub Copilot has gained popularity since its launch, boasting over one million users. Recent updates to the tool include live chat features that provide real-time advice on code curation. Apple’s new Xcode AI tool aims to automatically create and finish lines of code, allowing developers to accelerate app creation.

Testing of this functionality has already begun internally, and Apple could potentially release it to third-party software developers as early as next year. This move by Apple comes amid growing speculation about its generative AI plans. While other industry heavyweights such as Microsoft and Google have made significant strides in this area, Apple has taken a more subdued approach.

However, Apple has been making progress in the field of generative AI. In December, the company released open source tools called “Apple MLX” to provide greater machine learning capabilities on its own silicon. These tools allow users to build AI tools using Apple’s in-house technology.

Speculation about Apple’s generative AI ambitions had been circulating for some time before the launch of Apple MLX. There were reports suggesting that the company was developing its own internal large language model (LLM) known as “Apple GPT,” although details have yet to be confirmed by the tech giant.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has hinted at plans to integrate generative AI capabilities across its product offerings but has not provided specific details. In an interview with CNBC in August, Cook expressed excitement about the potential of generative AI but did not disclose any concrete plans.

It is clear that Apple is strategically positioning itself in the generative AI space, and we can expect further developments from the tech giant in this field in the coming months and years.

In summary, Apple is working on an AI code generation tool that will function similar to GitHub Copilot. This tool aims to accelerate app creation by automatically generating and completing lines of code. Apple’s move into generative AI comes amid speculation about its plans in this field, and the company has already made significant strides with the release of open source tools for machine learning capabilities. While Apple may be taking a more cautious approach compared to other industry players, it is clear that the tech giant is actively exploring the potential of generative AI and integrating it into its products.


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