Published on January 9, 2024, 12:40 pm

Generative AI Takes Center Stage at CES 2024

As CES 2024 unfolds, it comes as no surprise that generative AI is stealing the limelight. This year, major tech players like Volkswagen, Nvidia, and Amazon are showcasing their latest ventures into the realm of artificial intelligence. Among them, Amazon stands out with its new generative AI-powered experiences for Alexa.

In September 2023, Amazon unveiled its plans to launch new tools to build LLM-powered (long short-term memory) experiences. And now, the e-commerce giant has revealed three developers who have created fascinating generative AI-powered Alexa experiences.

One of these developers is Character.AI, an AI chatbot platform. Their innovative offering allows Alexa users to engage in real-time conversations with various personas like fictional characters such as Librarian Linda or even celebrities and historical figures like Elon Musk, Socrates, or William Shakespeare. It puts a whole new spin on interactive storytelling and role-playing adventures.

Another developer making waves is Splash, an AI music company. They have introduced a free Alexa Skill that enables users to compose songs using their voice. By simply saying “Alexa, open Splash,” users can choose from different musical genres and add lyrics to create their own unique songs. And if they want to listen on the go, Alexa can send a link to their mobile phones for easy downloading.

Volley, a voice AI game developer, has also joined the generative AI revolution with its creation of a modern version of the classic game “20 Questions.” Powered by generative AI algorithms, it engages users in an interactive guessing game by asking questions and providing hints along the way. It’s an entertaining twist on a beloved pastime.

But Amazon’s commitment to enhancing Alexa with advanced AI features doesn’t stop there. The tech giant has been actively working on giving its virtual assistant a more opinionated personality by utilizing generative AI models. Now Alexa can adjust its tone and response to express human emotions like excitement or surprise, making interactions feel more natural and dynamic.

In addition, Amazon has introduced a kids-focused feature called “Explore with Alexa” on Echo devices. This feature is designed to engage young minds by offering kid-friendly conversations, fun facts, and even trivia questions. It’s a great way for children to learn and interact in an age-appropriate manner.

Amazon has also used CES 2024 as a platform to announce other significant developments. They will bring Fire TV to Panasonic’s new smart TVs later this year, expand support for Matter Casting on Fire TV and Echo Show 15 devices, unveil the latest generation of robotaxi Zoox, and much more.

As the CES buzz continues, generative AI proves once again to be at the forefront of technological innovation. The possibilities it presents are vast and transformative. With companies like Amazon pushing the boundaries of what AI can do, we can expect even more exciting breakthroughs in the near future.

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