Published on October 25, 2023, 3:45 pm

Amazon is launching an AI image generation tool for advertisers, allowing them to generate backgrounds based on product descriptions and themes. The tool, currently in beta testing, enables advertisers to showcase their products in creative ways. Advertisers upload a photo, add an image description and select a theme to generate the background. They can also refine the generated image by entering text prompts. Amazon aims to help brands improve ad performance by offering lifestyle contexts for product placement. The company has been investing in generative AI technologies, including tools for writing product descriptions and summarising customer reviews.

Amazon is venturing further into the realm of Generative AI with its latest offering—an AI image generation tool designed specifically for advertisers. The tool allows advertisers to generate backgrounds based on product descriptions and themes, providing a creative way to showcase their products.

Currently in beta testing with select advertisers, Amazon plans to extend availability over time, allowing more advertisers to take advantage of this innovative tool. To use it, advertisers simply need to upload a photo, add an image description that outlines the desired background, select a theme, and click “Generate.” Advertisers also have the option to refine the generated image by entering additional text prompts, enabling them to test multiple versions and optimize performance.

One example provided by Amazon features an image of a toaster placed in a kitchen setting decorated for autumn—a table adorned with fall leaves and a bright orange pumpkin. Although the beta version has its limitations—such as the presence of an unconventional fork in the lower-right corner—the overall backdrop looks convincingly realistic.

Many brands across industries are turning to generative AI solutions like this one offered by Amazon in an effort to simplify their advertising processes. Traditional methods can be both costly and time-consuming. Even established companies like Nestle and Unilever have reportedly employed software like ChatGPT and DALL-E from OpenAI, according to Reuters.

Colleen Aubrey, Senior Vice President of Amazon Ads products and technology, highlighted the importance of producing engaging creatives that stand out while minimizing costs and effort in the advertising process. The aim is to enhance the advertising experience for customers while delivering impactful results for advertisers.

With its new generative AI feature, Amazon aims to help brands improve their ad performance significantly. Instead of standard product images against plain white backgrounds, advertisers can now place their products within lifestyle contexts that tell compelling stories. According to Amazon’s estimates, utilizing this new tool could lead to a 40% increase in click-through rates—an appealing prospect for any advertiser.

Amazon has been actively investing in generative AI technologies in recent months. In addition to the image generation tool, the company has introduced other AI-powered features such as a tool to assist sellers in writing product descriptions and a capability to summarize customer reviews. These efforts demonstrate Amazon’s commitment to leveraging the power of AI to constantly enhance its offerings and provide valuable solutions for its customers and partners alike.


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