Published on November 16, 2023, 3:44 pm

“Al Ahly In Talks With Zamalek’S Ahmed Fatouh: Potential Transfer Could Shake Up Egyptian Football”

In an interesting development that could have a major impact on Egyptian football, Al Ahly football club is currently in talks with Ahmed Fatouh, the left-back player for Zamalek. This information was revealed by media personality Mohamed Shabana, who confirmed that while Al Ahly has reached a financial agreement with Fatouh, the player has not yet signed a formal contract.

The negotiations are quite complex due to several factors. One of them is Fatouh’s reluctance to become a substitute for the current left-back, Ali Maaloul. Maaloul has requested a two-year contract extension and plays a crucial role in these negotiations. However, due to his advancing age, Al Ahly is only looking to offer him an additional season. Contract discussions with Maaloul have been put on hold until after the FIFA Club World Cup.

If an agreement cannot be reached, Maaloul might leave Al Ahly at the end of the season, opening up the possibility of Fatouh’s potential transfer. Shabana also mentioned that it is highly unlikely that Fatouh will renew his contract with Zamalek, leaving Al Ahly with the opportunity to acquire the remaining six months of his contract. However, the club’s preference is to wait and sign Fatouh as a free agent.

According to Shabana, there is a 60-70% chance that this will be Maaloul’s last season with Al Ahly, indicating a high probability of Fatouh joining the club. Such a potential shift could have significant implications for Egyptian football. The article also touches on other football-related updates such as anticipated line-ups for the Egyptian national team and the latest developments in the transfer market.

Overall, this ongoing negotiation between Al Ahly and Ahmed Fatouh has generated considerable interest within Egyptian football circles. It remains to be seen how things will unfold and whether this deal will materialize, but it has undoubtedly sparked excitement and speculation among football fans.


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