Published on November 16, 2023, 7:38 pm

Our taxi driver was a little confused on the way to Celosphere 2023, Celonis’s annual user conference. A regular trip for him from Munich city center to the city’s international airport, it took some explanation that we would be heading to a new terminal. This unconventional choice of venue is in line with Celonis’s innovative and adventurous spirit. Celosphere 2023 is being hosted in an airport hangar with stunning views of the adjacent runway.

But this isn’t just a publicity stunt. It symbolizes the company’s commitment to helping businesses break boundaries with process mining and unlock significant value, often amounting to tens of millions of dollars.

The atmosphere at this year’s conference is full of excitement as attendees stream out of knowledge sessions, many clutching bottles of German beer and sampling various lunch options. The crowd is diverse and driven, embodying the spirit of innovation and eagerly anticipating the numerous announcements promising streamlined data integration, enhanced efficiency, and process optimization.

While it would be expected for a technology company driving innovation to focus solely on artificial intelligence (AI) and develop standalone generative AI capabilities, Celonis has taken a more subtle approach. The company already has AI capabilities in place, particularly in its suite of pre-built applications.

One major announcement at the conference was about the use of generative AI in Celonis’s process mining functions through the introduction of Process Copilot. Currently in Beta testing, this tool is designed to enhance collaboration by providing an informed co-worker experience with natural language search capabilities powered by GPT-4.

Process Copilot aims to make it easier and faster for users to identify and act on value opportunities. It relies on the underlying Process Intelligence Graph, another important feature unveiled at this year’s Celosphere conference. Essentially, Process Copilot serves as a natural language interface that supports contextualized unified process intelligence delivered by the Process Intelligence Graph.

Another noteworthy development showcased at Celosphere was IBM’s Process Mining GenAI Connector for unstructured data. As a titanium partner of Celonis, IBM collaborated closely to integrate the strengths of both organizations. The connector enables the discovery of untapped opportunities to drive efficiency and performance in process mining campaigns by enriching structured data from common source systems such as Oracle and SAP with unstructured data.

Configured to support customer service use cases, the connector leverages IBM Watson’s GenAI capabilities to preprocess, summarize, and categorize unstructured data before feeding it into the Celonis Enterprise Management System (EMS). This enriched data helps enhance customer experiences, improve performance, and support decision-making.

Despite the emphasis on generative AI innovations, Celonis has a broader vision. The company understands the importance of AI but doesn’t limit itself to that single focus. At Celosphere 2023, we learned from Kevin Yong, Principal Product Manager at Celonis, and Eileen Li, a Product Manager at the company, how customers can leverage AI across various aspects of their business using existing Celonis features.

Customers have multiple ways to take advantage of AI within the Celonis platform. These include AI annotations in Views, alerts and automations driven by AI algorithms, and accessibility through pre-built applications. It is important to note that process mining at Celonis is inherently infused with machine learning (ML) techniques, resulting in continuous improvement driven by AI capabilities.

Celonis has established a solid foundation in incorporating AI into their products while staying true to their mission of delivering top-notch process mining tools and experiences. Their commitment to becoming an AI enabler aligns with current developments in generative AI without compromising their core focus.

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