Published on November 17, 2023, 8:23 am

Agnt: Revolutionizing Talent Booking In The Event Industry

Emerging as a transformative player in the event industry, AGNT is making waves as it takes the top spot at the Edmonton finale of Startup TNT’s Investment Summit VIII. This online platform, led by CEO Viet Nguyen, is revolutionizing the way entertainers are booked by providing a seamless experience for both customers and artists.

AGNT has developed a dual-sided marketplace that allows customers to effortlessly find, book, and pay for talent while providing artists and agents with the tools they need to streamline their careers through the AGNT Pro feature. This innovative approach has garnered significant attention and recognition within the industry.

During his compelling pitch at the Alberta Machine Learning Institute on November 16, Nguyen highlighted AGNT’s unique capability to track artist growth through sophisticated data analytics. Initially targeting Alberta’s DJ market, the platform rapidly gained traction, attracting over 12,000 users within just two months. Furthermore, AGNT has already amassed a waitlist of 2,000 users eagerly anticipating its upcoming edition. Nguyen’s extensive experience in the music industry with Boodang Music Canada and collaborations with renowned DJ Tiesto positions him well to understand and cater to artists’ needs.

Looking towards the future, AGNT has big plans for expansion. The company aims to launch its app on iOS and Android platforms soon, making it even more accessible to users. Additionally, AGNT has its sights set on entering the Swedish market by early 2024—an ambitious move that demonstrates their confidence in their ability to scale globally. With strategic expansion plans in place, AGNT is poised to solidify its position as a leading platform in the entertainment booking industry.

The Edmonton summit finale where AGNT emerged victorious was a testament to entrepreneurial prowess. The competition featured finalists from various sectors including health sciences and water quality testing—a diverse group of innovators vying for funding and support. Startup TNT’s investment summits have taken place in multiple locations across Canada, ensuring that startups from various regions have the opportunity to participate and thrive. The winning startup from each summit is set to receive a minimum of $150,000 in angel investment, providing valuable financial support to propel their ventures forward.

AGNT’s success at Startup TNT’s Investment Summit VIII showcases the platform’s potential and impact within the entertainment industry. As AGNT continues to break new ground and pursue strategic expansion plans, it is positioned to shape the future of talent booking and deliver unparalleled value to customers and artists alike.

Source: [AGNT Emerges As Winner at Startup TNT’s Edmonton Finale, Eyes Swedish Market by 2024]( by BNN Breaking


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