Published on November 9, 2023, 5:31 am

The rapid adoption of digital banking services, driven by the pandemic, has created a demand for seamless and personalized experiences from consumers of all demographics. Taking this into consideration, Affin Bank, one of Malaysia’s leading banks, has teamed up with global technology services firm Aspire Systems to spearhead its digital transformation.

According to Datuk Wan Razly Abdullah, President and Group CEO of Affin Bank, the partnership with Aspire Systems aligns with their growth strategy to become a forward-looking, tech-enabled, and customer-centric organization. The collaboration will not only enhance the bank’s existing innovative products and services but also cater to the evolving needs and expectations of the market while making banking more convenient for customers.

To achieve their goals, Affin Bank has chosen Temenos Infinity Digital Banking Experience platform as it offers a comprehensive set of features right out-of-the-box. Aspire Systems, renowned as the preferred global digital partner for Temenos digital banking solutions, has become Affin Bank’s partner of choice in this venture.

Suresh Ranganathan, Global Head of Banking & Financial Services at Aspire Systems, expressed excitement about Affin Bank’s vision to use technological innovation to strengthen their business growth and reimagine customer engagement. He believes that leveraging Aspire System’s engineering expertise and implementation center of excellence for Temenos products will enable the bank to create a dynamic and engaging mobile banking experience.

Suresh Bhat, Vice President and Head of APAC at Aspire Systems, considers this partnership as a critical step towards Affin Bank’s omnichannel journey. He emphasized his pride in collaborating with one of Malaysia’s leading and fast-growing banks while highlighting how this engagement signifies another milestone in Aspire System’s success in the APAC region.

In conclusion, with its alliance with Aspire Systems and utilization of Temenos Infinity Digital Banking Experience platform, Affin Bank is poised to accelerate its digital banking journey. This strategic move demonstrates their commitment to embracing technology to provide a seamless and personalized banking experience for their customers.

(Source: “Affin Bank taps Aspire Systems to hasten digital banking journey” – FutureCIO)


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