Published on November 17, 2023, 7:50 am

“Adobe Unveils Project Sound Lift: Ai-Powered Audio Editing Tool For Enhanced Sound Isolation”

Generative AI technology has been making waves in the field of machine learning algorithms. Adobe, a leading software corporation, is at the forefront of this trend and has recently unveiled a new “Sneak” technology called Project Sound Lift during its MAX creative event.

Project Sound Lift is an AI-powered audio editing tool that aims to simplify sound isolation. By using artificial intelligence, it can effectively separate speech from other background noises such as crowds and music. In a video demo, Adobe showcased how the technology can take short video uploads and isolate specific types of sounds while filtering out everything else.

The tool provides various audio options to choose from, including applause, laughter, alarms, speech, traffic, typing, and more. Users can select the desired audio layer, and Project Sound Lift will extract separate audio files with either the background noise or the chosen sound for extraction.

While the final results may not be crystal clear, they are still effective and achieved quickly. Adobe demonstrated how the isolated sound “tracks” can be imported into Adobe Premiere Pro for further adjustment of volume, pitch tweaking, or other advanced audio editing tasks.

What sets Project Sound Lift apart is its ability to offer a more nuanced approach to audio editing and manipulation. It provides content creators and video makers with an advanced option to transform their vision into a viral TikTok clip or any other creative project they have in mind.

It’s worth noting that AI-based audio tools did exist prior to Adobe’s involvement; however, they were mainly used for tweaking voice, ambience, or noise in recordings. With Project Sound Lift’s introduction, a new level of sophistication is brought to audio editing capabilities.

As exciting as this technology is, it should be noted that Project Sound Lift is currently in its Sneak preview stage. This means that it still requires refinement before becoming available as a proper commercial service for users.

Overall, Adobe’s development of generative AI-powered technologies like Project Sound Lift showcases their commitment to pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved in audio editing and manipulation. With advancements like this, content creators and video makers will have even more tools at their disposal to bring their creative visions to life.


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