Published on November 7, 2023, 10:27 pm

  • Samsung Unveils Generative AI Model 'Samsung Gauss'
  • Samsung has unveiled its generative AI model called Samsung Gauss, consisting of three components: Language, Code, and Image. The model aims to enhance employee productivity and improve consumer experiences. Samsung prioritizes privacy and security by conducting checks and addressing potential issues. While these advancements offer exciting opportunities, caution and safety measures are necessary to mitigate risks.

Samsung Unveils Generative AI Model “Samsung Gauss”

In a groundbreaking move, Samsung has publicly unveiled its own generative AI model called Samsung Gauss. Named after renowned mathematician Carl Friedrich Gauss, who established the normal distribution theory or the bell curve, this model showcases Samsung’s commitment to harnessing AI’s power to improve consumer lives.

Revealed during the annual Samsung AI Forum in Seoul, Samsung Gauss is currently being utilized by the company to enhance employee productivity but is expected to expand its applications to various products in the future. This generative AI model comprises three components: Samsung Gauss Language, Samsung Gauss Code, and Samsung Gauss Image.

The Language component of Samsung Gauss offers a generative language model that enhances work efficiency by assisting with tasks such as email writing, document summarization, and translation. Additionally, when applied to products, this language model can provide smarter device control for an enhanced consumer experience.

On the other hand, the Code component includes a coding assistant called code.i that aids in software development within companies. It simplifies coding processes through an interactive interface that supports functions like code description and test case generation.

Lastly, the Image component allows users to effortlessly generate and edit images. With this feature, style changes, additions, and even low-resolution image conversions are made possible.

To ensure privacy protection for consumers’ private information, these models can be applied on-device. Furthermore, Samsung emphasizes safe AI usage by conducting security and privacy checks through its own AI Red Team. This team works diligently to address potential issues that may arise during data collection, AI model development, service deployment, and analyzing generated results.

This move by Samsung represents a new wave of powerful AI tools that greatly impact our daily lives. From ChatGPT to other generational AI software solutions, these tools not only streamline workflows but also present potential risks that need careful consideration.

With generative AI at their fingertips like Samsung Gauss and other similar models, consumers and businesses alike have exciting opportunities to optimize productivity and improve overall experiences. It is crucial, however, to approach these advancements with caution and ensure proper safety measures are in place to mitigate any potential risks that may arise. As the world continues to embrace generative AI, it is essential for organizations to prioritize privacy and security while maximizing the benefits of these cutting-edge technologies.


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